Friday, 3 June 2011

Canadian Davros

Here's Davros as depicted in cartoonist Bob Canada's Infographic of Doctor Who's enemies. For more great work by this artist checkout his blog here.

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  1. Hi,

    love your site, just one suggestion: Include a link to the original source page/web site so that those of us who like what they see can go to the actual web site. I'm sure Bob Canada has more great infographics, but I can't easily find his site from the posting.

    He's spent a lot of time on drawing this cool picture (and practiced his whole life to get this good), and it's only fair to do a little advertising for him in return, right ... ? It's the least we can do.

    I mean, he has Copyright on his picture, so if he didn't want you to use his picture, he would be justified to sue you. That he's tolerating this is awfully nice of him. Thank him :-)

  2. Sorry, looks like the link on his name wasn't working, I've corrected this now and added another sentence to show he has a blog.

  3. Sounds like Uli has a bug up his ass, hasn't he heard of google?

    Check out his site, he has screen grabs from movies that he's stamped with his own name and website, talk about a hypocrite!

  4. "That he's tolerating this is awfully nice of him."

    I'm sure Bob is grateful for all the promotion he receives from various blogs and websites–especially since he's making a profit by selling pictures of characters he doesn't own the copyright for.